Our services
Our Services

Quality Expeditors offers the industry highly trained and experienced staff from quality control inspectors who are very detail oriented in checking quality issues to quality managers  and engineers who monitor quality control systems by ensuring high productivity and high technical integrity.  Our manager’s team will help you build an effective quality control plan by providing you with a great supervision expertise. And our quality inspectors’ team accurately measures, tests and examines products following your products' quality and safety standards.  We help set up a satisfactory area that includes proper setting's instructions and execution of rules. We accommodate automotive and non-automotive industries. 


We are specialized in services such as:


- Sorting and Inspection                                    - Reworking                                                      - Technical Representation 

- Level 1 & 2 Containment Assistance          - Packaging                                                       - Light Manufacturing Assembly

- Staffing/ Temps Services                                - Expediting Services